Cover Story: Riff Raff, Rap Game Lon Chaney Jr.

Who is Riff Raff? Rap Game Stephen Hawking or 21st-century minstrel? Not so long ago, he was just a huge Vanilla Ice fan from Copperfield who may or may not have graduated from Langham Creek High School. One thing is for sure: the former Horst Simco from Houston's northwestern outskirts -- now a tatted-up, fur-rocking, language-bending rap star on the rise who often swears he's an alien -- is very postmodern.

Riff Raff has done such a bang-up job of obfuscating details about his background that the lines between reality, MTV-reality, and outright fiction are even blurrier than in a certain Robin Thicke song. But he also has a new album about to drop, Neon Icon, which means he's about to be even more visible. So Ben Westhoff, VMG Senior Music Editor and Music Editor at our sister paper LA Weekly, put on his sleuthing hat and started knocking on doors to get to the bottom of who this Riff Raff character really is; read all about what he found out in this week's Houston Press cover story, "Becoming Riff Raff."

In the meantime, no one talks about Riff Raff quite like Riff Raff himself, so Rocks Off put together a gallery of some of his finest recent tweets and a couple of spicy Vines. All caps if you're nasty. (One last note to our younger readers: the late Lon Chaney Jr. was one of Hollywood's greatest horror-film and character actors from the 1930s through the '60s, best known for his title role in 1941's The Wolf Man.)

More Riff Raff lunacy on the next page.

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