Cowboy Mouth

Having rocked Craig Kilborn's Late Late Show last November and gotten a taste of national television exposure, it seems that Cowboy Mouth has gone junkie and started jonesing for another hit of that sweet, sweet promotional crack. Thus, the roots-influenced singing-drummer quartet (best known for "Jenny Says," from its 1996 album, Are You With Me?) is asking its fans -- or enablers, as the case may be -- to deluge the offices of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, The Sharon Osbourne Show, The Wayne Brady Show and Queer Eye for the Straight Guy with requests to bring Cowboy Mouth back to the airwaves. One hopes that the ploy works, if only for the sheer thrill of seeing what Queer Eye's pull-no-punches design doctor, Thom Filicia, has to say about the band's Big Easy-inspired and Southern Comfort-provided tour bus. If those options fall through, all hope is not lost. Michael Essany probably has an opening on his late-night schmoozefest, though the host might want to think twice about allowing the self-described "rock and roll orgasm" into his living room.
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Robert Bishop