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Curated Festivals and the Changing Face of Summer Entertainment

While most Texans are spending their Friday counting down to ACL or speculating about the Fun Fun Fun Fest line up, I find myself thinking about a festival north of our fair state. We're halfway through June and that means that the 2012 Gathering of the Juggalos infomercial should be dropping any day now, giving delight to juggalos across the country and over 20 minutes of new Insane Clown Posse produced content for snarky bloggers to mock.

There's a lot to like about the infomercial, be it the cameo appearances by various fallen pop stars and wrestlers to finding out which acts are crazy/need a check bad enough to show up and perform. While it's a boon to both ICP fans and haters that's essentially all it is: a gift.

ICP doesn't have to make a big production out of the lineup reveal, but they do it to give the fans something nice. It doesn't matter who's going to perform: juggalos will show up just because it's something their heroes are putting on. That they book like-minded acts and people who it would be fun to throw bottles at is a bonus.

It's easy to give ICP grief but when you start to look at some of the other festivals popping up this year you can't help but think that maybe, just maybe, they've actually been ahead of the curve this entire time.

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