Cut Copy at Warehouse Live, 11/9/2013

Cut Copy Warehouse Live November 9, 2013

It's been a busy week in Houston for live music, but especially if you're a fan of shaking your booty. While most of the area hipsters were busy getting their fun (fun fun) on in Austin, we benefited from the festival overflow in a big way this year. Cut Copy, one of the acts I was most disappointed about missing at FFFF, made their way to Warehouse Live Saturday night for their first area club gig ever.

It had been since their 2011 FPSF performance that Cut Copy had been in Houston, but they made up for lost time with an energy-filled performance to a packed-out Ballroom. I wasn't really sure how many people would make it to the show, but it turned out to be a nearly sold-out event by the time the Australian indie/dance-rockers took the stage.

When I arrived just a bit after 9 p.m., the room opened up to a half-filled venue and a random English (Australian?) dude shirtless onstage rambling on and on about toddlers. I was a bit confused, but those that had been watching seemed to get a kick out of it. It only had one opener listed on the bill, Larry Gus, so I figured that was him and was ecstatic that his show was over, hoping Cut Copy was to hit the stage sooner than figured.

Well, soon after, another gentleman took the stage and started making his own beats on a host of synths and drum machines, and layering his own vocal over the top. Soon figuring out that this was actually Larry Gus, I found a spot and got ready for the long haul. Thankfully his set was at least enjoyable, yet at times it got a little boring making the crowd, which had nearly doubled at this point, grow a little restless.

Finally, nearly two hours of standing around, the lights went dark and a backing track started to roll. After a few minutes, Cut Copy made their way to the blue-hued, dimly lit stage welcomed by the jolting roar of the patiently awaiting audience. Despite a chill in the air, the crowd were prepared to sweat it out with the band as long as they reciprocated onstage.

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And mostly, they did. They 80-minute set featured a nice mix of the old and the new, giving their entire realm of fans what they came to hear. Noticeably lacking, though, was the amount of energy that front man Dan Whitford usually brings to his live performances.

On the three different occasions I've caught Cut Copy live, the best part of the set was watching Whitford having more fun dancing to his music than anyone he was boastfully entertaining. From front to back each set I've seen from them, he was the one who shone throughout. Not that he didn't this time, I just think he might have partied a little too hard before/during/after their Fun Fun Fun Fest set the night prior.

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Still, the set was still really good. Despite Whitford's lack of stage performance, he never lacked when it came to the music he emitted throughout the night. With a solid three-piece supporting group backing his every move, Cut Copy still gave their all to the now completely packed room.

Touring in support of their recently released 4th LP, Free Your Mind, Cut Copy definitely focused their set list on the newer material, but managed to throw in several other tracks from their ever-growing catalog of indie/electronic dance hits. "Free Your Mind" opened the set, which also featured several other new songs including "In Memory Capsule," "Let Me Show You Love" and "We Are Explorers."

Both In Ghost Colors and Zonoscope, the two records that really helped Cut Copy make a name for themselves, were also strongly represented. "Feel The Love," "Hearts On Fire," "Take Me Over" and the LCD Soundsystem-tinged set closer "Need You Now" were peppered in at just the right time to bring those in the room unfamiliar with the new material back to life. The encore featured a super-electro, almost Ghostland-ish take on "Meet Me In The House of Love," followed up with their biggest song to date, the dance-y "Lights And Music," which pretty much sums up their general sound and style in one super sweaty song.

The show was really on point, but would have been just that better if Whitmore had a spare Five Hour Energy on hand. Still, though, any time I get the chance to see Cut Copy perform a Saturday-night club gig in Houston, I will never pass up the opportunity. They're a really great live act, and even on an off night they're still a step above most other touring acts going these days.

Personal Bias: I've been a fan for years, and my lady is even more into them. There's a lot of Cut Copy played in our house during cleaning day.

The Crowd: Maybe the worst grouping of individuals I've ever experienced at a show in Houston. I'm not sure if it was just the pocket we were unfortunately stuck in, but I wouldn't doubt if everyone around me had never been to a concert before. There is a certain etiquette involved with attending a show, and everyone around me didn't adhere to it. Three, count 'em, three drinks were spilled out of my groups hands in just under an hour.

Also, to that guy who was relentlessly hitting on every single girl that was around him and couldn't take the hint that all of them wanted him to fuck off, you're a dumbass. Go take you're rape-y stare somewhere where I'm not trying to enjoy myself. You suck at life and should go back to that hole you grew up in that didn't teach you common self-restraint. You're an idiot and you should piss off until you figure out how to lose that whole creeper thing you've got going on.

Overheard In the Crowd: I was way too annoyed by said guy to pay attention to anything else. I hate that guy. You made my night much less enjoyable than it should've been. Douche.

Random Notebook Dump: That guy sucks.


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