Cutout Bin: Accordion-Happy Televangelists the Van Impes, From Night Clubs to Christ

Maybe the Slap Chop infomercial ended and the remote was lost between the seat cushions. Or perhaps you spent a weekend stuck at your crazy grandmother's house, with no cable. In any case, you've surely seen the Van Impes, the nation's most enduring televangelical couple. Their weekly faux-news program Jack Van Impe Presents is shown throughout the country and the world, usually at about 3 a.m. Before their dominance of the late-night UHF airwaves, however, Jack & Rexella released a pile of records that ran the gamut from gospel songs to end-of-the-world evangelism.

Presenting the Van Impes is (we believe) the couple's first album. The cover shows Jack with his accordion, an instrument he played since childhood, and a disturbingly hot pic of Rexella. This one's all music, and as the cover says, "The Van Impes have been marvelously used of God and their ministry in music will thrill your soul."

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Nick DiFonzo