Cutout Bin: Album Cover Wars!

The Party Boys, The Party Boys Epic (UK), 1987 Big hair /mustache combo: -1 Paisley vest: -1 Balding/long hair combo: -3 Mullet n' bolo tie combo: -3 Reeboks (-2 per shoe x 4) = -8 Eko guitar: +2 Thumbs up (-3 per thumb x 2) = -6 From England: -3 TOTAL: -23

Precious Metal, Right Here, Right Now Polygram, 1985 Dog tags: -1 Studded belts: (-1 each x 7) = -7 Middle hair part: (-2 each x 2) = -4 Obnoxious clothing pattern (-2 each x 3) = -6 Fake torn clothing: -3 Ibanez Destroyer: +1 Chain-link fence backdrop: -3 Feather necklace & feathered hair combo: -5 TOTAL: -28 And the winner is... Precious Metal, by a bandanna bracelet! Tune in next time for the next edition of Cutout Bin's Album Cover Wars!

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