Cutout Bin: Bobby Krane & His Orchestra's Teen Age Dance Party

Bobby Krane & His Orchestra

Teen Age Dance Party (label, year unknown)

"It's that time of year again! Time for my big New Years dance party! I hope it goes better than last year. Who can forget the incident with Tommy and Leslie? And in my parents bedroom, too. Boy, if I ever see that Leslie again... strange how she mysteriously left school a few months later.

"And what about Johnny! Not only was he smoking funny cigarettes in the bathroom, but he was playing records he bought from the black store! In this house! If father only knew! Hopefully this year will be better. Bob and Sue seem to be hitting it off pretty well, but I locked all the bedrooms this time."

What I love about all the "teen" album covers from the 1950s is how all the "teens" look about 30 years old. I mean, if I were a bartender, I wouldn't card these people. What did they feed these kids? - Nick DiFonzo

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Nick DiFonzo