Cutout Bin: Censored and "Recalled" Album Covers

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Guns 'N' Roses, Appetite For Destruction (1987)

Some retailers didn't appreciate the artwork for G'N'R's debut. Sure, there's a woman about to be raped by a drunken robot, but the robot is about to get his comeuppance from a multi-armed beast with swords for teeth. What's the problem?

The Coup, Party Music (2001)

Although we haven't included any other compact disc "album covers" on this list, we couldn't leave this one out. From the annals of "tremendously bad timing", this CD from the Coup was scheduled for release in October 2001. While the 9/11 attacks were still going on, someone noticed the cover on the record company's Web site; by the time it was removed, it had been emailed around the world and gave a third-rate hip-hop group more publicity than could be dreamed of by even the most twisted marketing exec.

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