Cutout Bin: Exploring 1950s Human Sexuality With Dr. Murray Banks

Dr. Murray Banks What YOU can learn from the Kinsey Report (Audio Masterworks, 1956) In the late 1940s and '50s, the lives of staid conservative Americans were rocked by the release of Dr. Alfred Kinsey's reports on human sexuality. Thanks to the recent film, you probably already know the story. To sum up, Kinsey's research showed that just about everyone was either an unfaithful exhibitionist homosexual, a masturbating sadomasochistic pedophile, or some combination thereof. Surprisingly, some people had a problem with this. Religious groups as well as prominent statisticians and psychologists decried the reports as not only flawed, but an evil plot to destroy society. Less surprisingly, the books were soon bestsellers. But, really, who had time to read the books? Dad was busy enduring marathon three-martini meetings at the office and unsatisfying nooners with his mistress... Mom was toiling daily at home, tucking in her kids' shirts and keeping the casserole dishes properly greased between bouts of manic depression. All the while, Kinsey's books sat hidden under a pile of Life magazines, unread. Enter Dr. Murray Banks (right) - psychology professor, professional circuit-lecturer, author of What To Do Until the Psychiatrist Comes and Just In Case You Think You're Normal. He'll explain everything to us, with this handy LP record! And, unlike Kinsey's separate unwieldy tomes, the record works for both men AND women! The back cover lists just a few of the hot-button topics to be addressed within: At what age does sex activity begin? How widespread is petting? How many men and women have pre-marital intercourse? How many men and women have extra-marital intercourse? How widespread is homosexuality? What is the truth about masturbation? What is "normal" sex behavior? Finally Kinsey's message will be heard by the masses. Lucky for us, intrepid Youtubers have transcribed the entire record for us to enjoy! So turn off Mad Men, dust off your favorite sex toy, and go to town.

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