Cutout Bin: Firm Believer - A Selection of Christian Exercise Records

In the long history of American fitness record albums, the early 1980s was an exceptional period. It all started in 1981 with Jane Fonda's Workout Book and accompanying video and record. They sold millions. Soon American women from disco hotties to aging housefraus were slipping on leg warmers and packing themselves into colorful bodysuits.

Living rooms and community centers across the country were packed with bouncing baby boomers, as they stretched, danced and rolled the pounds away.

Record producers could barely keep up. Aerobics LPs and their enclosed booklets were released for every social group, age bracket and fitness level imaginable. Some of the most successful were the Christian aerobics albums.

Chubby believers were not content to work out to the tunes of the heathen pop-music industry, and the Christian record industry was ready to jump on the bandwagon. Following are some of Cutout Bin's favorite Christian workout LPs, and a carefully tested favorite exercise from each.

Judy Moser & Bobbie Wolgemuth,
Firm Believer (1982, Word)

Judy & Bobbie lead you through a complete aerobic workout, never forgetting to keep a big smile. Favorite workout: Shoulder Touches. Even Cutout Bin can pull this one off.

Vickie Hanson, Aerobic Glow: Fitness in Action
(1982, Dayspring)

Vickie not only helps you dance off the pounds, but encourages listeners to start their own Aerobic Glow class. Favorite workout: Side Glide. Feels as good as its name.

Cathi Stout, Special Believercise
(1983, Dayspring)

Cathi brings her jazz technique to this album made especially for expectant Christian mothers. Favorite workout: The Praise Wave Strut. Forget "jazz hands"... meet the "praise hands"!

Overall Favorite Workout: Great Is the Lord. If only all exercise were this easy!

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