Cutout Bin: Martha Tilton et al.'s Christmas at Our House

Martha Tilton "and other great Hollywood vocal stars"

Christmas at Our House (Tops/Mayfair, 1958)

Merry Christmas, son. I'm sorry daddy lost his job, and mommy's too friendly with the bottle to be much help. If we start saving now, maybe we'll be able to get a tree next year. But daddy was lucky enough to find this carpet remnant in the trash, so hopefully you won't have a relapse of last year's pneumonia incident.

And look. A croquet set, just for you. I bet the people at the garage sale never thought they'd get rid of that thing in December. Think of the fun we can have with it in five or six months when the lawn thaws! And here, son. A toy train! I know you've always wanted one.

I could only afford the absolute minimum amount of track, but your birthday's coming up in August, and maybe I can afford a few more pieces by then. They tried to sell me the electric controls to make the train move on its own, but I figured you'd rather just push it yourself.

Mommy is as happy and lucid as I've seen her in months. See what a great gift can do? She's been talking about getting a new toilet seat cover for weeks, and daddy was listening! Hey, wait minute there son, that's no toy. That's daddy's gun. A present to himself.

Since we moved to this new, up-and-coming neighborhood, the burglar bars only do so much to keep the family safe. I thought this would be a good investment in the future, for the whole family.

So Merry Christmas, son. I hope you like your presents. Now what say we head outside for some target practice with daddy's new toy? - Nick DiFonzo

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