Cutout Bin: Nathan Woodruff's This Is the Way I Feel

Nathan Woodruff

This Is the Way I Feel (Star Records, Dallas)

This is the way Nathan Woodruff feels. A grinning, lopsided form of happy. It's the kind of happy that requires your most ruffled shirt and a bow tie tied just so. Nathan has the confidence to say, "I'll wait 'til after my big photoshoot to get a haircut."

When you feel how Nathan Woodruff feels, there's no need to trim your sideburns. When you feel like this, you can say with a smile, "I'm going to put out a record of awful songs that no one will buy except people who are going to make fun of it."

Well, what are you laughing at? Where's your big record? I wish I could tell you more about Nathan, but Google is little help. He may have been the pastor of a church in Arlington who died recently, or he may have been a singer in a gay disco band.

It's difficult to say which one is more likely. - Nick DiFonzo

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Nick DiFonzo