Cutout Bin: The 7 Deadly Sins on a '50s Circus-Movie Soundtrack

One popular gripe regarding the demise of LP records is the loss of detail on the album covers. There can be no better example than this, the soundtrack for the all-but-forgotten 1956Burt Lancaster circus flick, Trapeze. There's so much going on in this cover it's amazing. Tiny trapezes, bicycling bears, cavorting elephants, creepy clowns... they're all there. Just don't try spotting them on a cd cover. Or on a tiny scan on the internet, for that matter. So to show off this wonderful example of album-coveriana, Cutout Bin warmed up the HD scanner and presents: The Seven Deadly Sins, as shown on Trapeze... LUST: A Swinging Burt Lancaster can't control himself around Gina Lollobrigida's big tops.

GREED: What, one dancing horse isn't good enough for you?

GLUTTONY: Clowns... good eating.

WRATH: Nothing like a beat-down under the big top.

DESPAIR: Even your leotard won't save you, Burt.

PRIDE: Get off your high horse. Your "jumping-through-flaming-hoops" high horse.

ENVY: Everybody wants some. Tony Curtis wants some, too.

See Nick DiFonzo's Web site at bizarrerecords.com.

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