Cutout Bin: The Rev. Mr. Goodwill Fairley's Musical Guide To Race Relations

Rev. Mr. Goodwill Fairley

Pull Up a Chair and Listen

Meet Rev. Mr. Goodwill Fairly. With a name like that, you just know he has something to say. And, by God, you're going to listen. Pull up a chair. Don't worry, he'll get one for you. Wait a sec as he grabs an old flag out of the bottom of a box and hangs it on the curtains.

The Rev. Mr. says: "Here are the two keys on an old piano, White Key and Black Key, and, we need them both, in order to get good music, harmony, and good race relation." I like how he puts music first. He could have mentioned food, but you can't have everything.

"You do not condemn all the Black Keys on the old piano, just because some of the keys go bad or get out of line, neither do any of you condemn all the White keys on this old piano, simply because some of the White keys go bad." OK, we think we can see where he's going with this.

"Remember again! That the head on your shoulder cannot say to the eyes, that I do not need you, the head needs the eyes, and the eyes need the head, less we all stumble and fall."

OK, he had us and then he lost us. What's wrong with our eyes, now?

"Don't destroy the piano! What you want is tied up within these two keys. Don't play one key against the other, you get a discord."

Oh, NOW we see.

Rev. Fairley talks on this record a lot about race relations and the different U.S. states. COB has included an excerpt of

his track "Texas"

his track "Texas"

for you to enjoy.

See Nick DiFonzo's Web site at www.bizarrerecords.com.

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Nick DiFonzo