Danger Zone: 5 Great Tony Scott Film Soundtracks

Tony Scott, one of the greatest action directors of all time, committed suicide by jumping off a bridge near Los Angeles this past Sunday. He was 69 and thought to have an inoperable brain tumor.

Many of Scott's films also had great soundtracks, due in part to Hans Zimmer and Harold Faltermeyer.

Separately, those composers scored such Scott films as Beverly Hills Cop, Beverly Hills Cop II and Top Gun, among many others. Sometimes the soundtrack, such as Top Gun, was as popular as the film itself.

Scott will be greatly missed. Here are some of the best soundtracks from his films.

Top Gun

Probably one of the greatest soundtracks of the '80s, the soundtrack to Top Gun was as big as the shoulder pads and hair that defined the decade. Still very popular even 26 years after the film's release, it not only spawned such hits for Kenny Loggins as "Danger Zone" and "Playing With the Boys," it also gave New Wave band Berlin their first No. 1 hit in "Take My Breath Away."

According to Danger Zone: The Making of Top Gun, Berlin was approached by the songs producer and co-writer, Giorgio Moroder, to do the soundtrack after they contacted him to produce their song "No More Words" for their 1983 album, Pleasure Victim. Moroder asked the band if they wanted to record "Take My Breath Away" and, reluctantly, they agreed. It ended up being the biggest hit they ever had.

Lead singer Terri Nunn has expressed a bit of remorse with "Take My Breath Away" in one form: The band chose not to perform the song as part of an Academy Award medley of songs nominated for Best Original Song in 1986, even though the song actually won the Oscar.

The soundtrack also featured such acts as Miami Sound Machine (with Gloria Estefan on lead vocals) and Cheap Trick, and a score by Harold Faltermeyer.

Days of Thunder

What do Cher, Whitesnake's David Coverdale, Elton John and even Joan Jett have in common? They were all featured on the soundtrack to Days of Thunder. Though this soundtrack is best-known for including Bob Dylan's "Knockin' On Heaven's Door" as remade by Guns N' Roses, it also features such great tracks as "The Last Note of Freedom" by David Coverdale and "Deal For Life" by John Waite.

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Beverly Hills Cop II

The soundtrack to Beverly Hills Cop II is a little more diverse as far as representation of genres go. It has such artists as George Michael singing his most controversial song yet, "I Want Your Sex", as well as the Jets and even Bob Seger. Though this was the first in the film series that Scott directed, it was also his last.

True Romance

This soundtrack featured the likes of Soundgarden, Chris Isaak, Robert Palmer and even John Waite again. The score was done by Hans Zimmer. In many ways, it was like a who's who of great artists.

The Fan

Whereas Scott's film soundtracks, in the '80s and mid-'90s were a mix of rock and R&B, this soundtrack is almost entirely hip-hop with a dash of blues. The album itself features the likes of Stevie Wonder and Kenny Wayne Shepherd.

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