David Guetta

There are so many genres and subgenres in electronic music at this point that it can get quite confusing. So if you want to get schooled in what it means to experience some deep, booty-shaking house music, get over to Bar-Rio Friday to see David Guetta play. Although he's been working his decks for over two decades and is a multiplatinum household name in Europe, it has taken Guetta's most recent stratospheric success as the producer of the Black Eyed Peas' mega-hit "I've Got a Feeling" to broaden awareness of him in the U.S. So far, it appears he has managed to do what no other house producer before has been able to, which is move the music out of the clubs and much closer to the mainstream. Guetta is currently touring to promote his new album, One Love, which features vocals from the likes of Kelly Rowland and will.i.am, and Houstonians are fortunate to get a chance to see such a powerhouse in a relatively small venue. Guetta is known for being able to connect deeply with audiences and create moments outside of time when an entire venue is moving in unified rhythm, intensity and focus. For those who may not find this appealing, there will also be a large outdoor patio with separate DJs, but we can't imagine not wanting to experience a true master of the genre at work.
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Sarah Webster