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David Sadof Returns to Radio

Rocks Off can name at least ten local rock stars off the top of our heads who owe their good taste and love of music almost exclusively to the radio work done by David Sadof. Now he is finally returning to the medium in order to bring some light to the darkness of Houston radio as part of NASA's Third Rock Radio. Run by RFC Media, Third Rock Radio's mission is to explore new worlds of music and present the discoveries for all our enjoyment.

Sadof is perfectly suited to the task. In the '80s he was the host of 101.1 FM KLOL's Exposure working with Donna McKenzie, and was the man who brought Nirvana, Pearl Jam, the Smashing Pumpkins, and other emerging acts into the homes and cars of Houstonians. Later, Sadof teamed with Cruze, and RFC's Pat Fant to launch 107.5 FM the BUZZ in 1995. All four are now a part of the latest endeavor.

"The thing I've always loved most about radio is discovering new music and sharing it with others," said Sadof. "RFC Media allows me to do that and to once again work with Pat Fant, Cruze and Donna McKenzie, all of whom I have high respect for, both personally and professionally."

A start date for the project hasn't yet been announced, but Sadof will be once again behind the microphone hosting Lunar Rotation. Listeners can expect the alternative music that made Sadof a household name, but he has no plans to be limited by genres. New music and many of the old songs that Houstonians will associate with his tenure as an on-air personality will be a part of his sets.

Unfortunately for those of us who still tune into terrestrial radio (Our dial's presets hold only NPR's all new channel and KPFT now) Third Rock Radio will be an online only project. The good news is that we've taken to channeling KTRU, Sanctuary, Subterranean, and other great stations only available through internet magic live via streaming radio on the iPhone directly into our speakers, and anticipate no problems adding Third Rock Radio to our bookmarks. The time for internet radio to take its rightful place as the preferred music discovery venue is at hand.

"We are nearing the point when it will no longer be necessary to make a distinction between terrestrial, satellite and internet radio," said Sadof. "There are more opportunities than ever before to make great radio and connect with an audience that is passionate about music. At RFC Media, we are seizing those opportunities. Third Rock is a global radio station reaching a worldwide audience."

We hate to argue with the man, but there is a distinction. Companies like RFC hire people like Sadof to bring us good music. Terrestrial radio no longer does. That's all the difference we need.

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