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David Sha: The Politics Behind Not Wearing Any Drawers

Songs end up in our inbox all of the time. All of the time. Sometimes they go there to flourish, to (eventually) be posted here with praise and e-high-fives. Sometimes they go there to die, a Bad Music Graveyard, if you will. Rarely, though, are they the sole reason why someone or some band is chosen as Artist of the Week.

But that's exactly what happened when we heard

"Carverdale (She's Alright),"

"Carverdale (She's Alright),"

a sweaty, sultry R&B single ostensibly about a girl who doesn't wear underwear (naturally, it's about way more than that).

So we reached out singer David Sha to find out what the song is really about, what a Carverdale is and why so many R&Bers have popped up these last two years or so.

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Shea Serrano