Dead Prez Taps "Richmond Revolutionary" Lee-Coc To Open

The Houston Palestine Film Festival (HPFF), which features a wide range of films that highlight the unique strength and struggle of the Palestinian people featured the legendary M1 from Dead Prez on Saturday, but he could only think of one hip-hop artist in Houston to open up for him and that was Richmond's own, Lee-Coc. You'll remember Lee-Coc, the Richmond Revolutionary, as the artist in our first Rocks Off Hot Seat Simply put, he is dedicated to social change, uplifting disenfranchised communities, exposing conspiracy theories and if you dig deeper, he loves to call out as many rappers as he can on their music's subject matter, which he feels hurts his community rather than helps it. "M said to me 'I couldn't think of anyone else to open up for us but you; your music is so powerful,'" Lee-Coc says of his invite to the event. "There were 60, 70-year-old Palestinians with their fists and middle fingers in the air. It was great as a Mexicano to stand in solidarity with the people of Palestine against Imperialism. I took a moment to talk about what was happening in Arizona. It was an honor because we share the same struggle." Find out more about the HPFF and their upcoming events this week here. Do you remember Felony? Rocks Off said when we interviewed him for The Hot Seat it would be a crime not to listen. We stand by it. Felony released his latest video, "Face to Face." Not fancy. All lyrical. Very enjoyable. Watch it, but if you're a Crip, you might not want to, because the background is very, well, Bloody. All weekend, we were jammin' a track called "Transcendence" with Lucky Luciano, Dat Boi T and Bunz. This group has done a good amount of tracks together, but this track is the trio's best (in our non-humble opinion). Windows down, sunroof popped, Bose speakers balls-to-the wall, we had more than a few folks ask us where they could get the track. Lucky tells Rocks Off he's sending it as a single to iTunes so look out for it. It's one of those tracks you can fire up the sticky green to. We know we did.

Now, the catchiest song to come out of H-Town in the last few months has to be Gotty's "It's About Damn Time." This video kept popping up on our Facebook feed and we had to share it.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.