When most rootsy bands from Austin get the woolly-era Bob Dylan or The Band tag attached to their sound by overzealous critics, we usually make a dismissive wanking motion, turn up our copy of Cahoots and push our shades down over our eyes. But the six-piece Deadman actually delivers on the promise of its influences. The shades of Helm and company are most evident on last year's single "Don't Do This to Me," and their live shows at Austin's Saxon Pub are said to be musical events — for example, they led a re-creation of The Band's farewell concert, The Last Waltz, the night before this past Thanksgiving. With six burly, bearded men onstage, Deadman strikes quite the image of all-night rehearsals at Big Pink. The folks at Paste magazine said it best last year: "The moonlight-crisp pedal steel and lush keyboard touches will raise — if not the dead — at least a few goosebumps." We can't argue with that.

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Craig Hlavaty
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