Dear Paul McCartney: Please Come Play Houston

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Dear Paul McCartney,

Hi. This is Craig Hlavaty and I write about the musics for the Houston Press Rocks Off blog here in the Bayou City. Lately I have been seeing on Twitter and the greater Internet that you are slowly piecing together a concert tour of baseball stadiums. Which is cool, because the whole Beatles/Shea Stadium deal in the '60s. Tuesday, you added Detroit, Chicago, Cincinnati and a second date at Yankee Stadium.

In 1993, you played Houston's Astrodome, which is now a sad ruin off Loop 610, sitting there like a steel and concrete lump next to Reliant Stadium. Don't play Reliant Stadium if they give you the option. Funny enough, my family and I took a tour of the Dome in 1993 the day after your gig, and we watched your road crew take apart the staging. Kinda cool, actually.

No doubt you are more than likely looking into a Houston date, or at least a Texas one. Please play Minute Maid Park. Your cavalcade of No. 1 tunes will be the most hits that the stadium will probably see this year, since the Astros who play there mostly suck. It's a rebuilding year, as they say. As far as we can, tell it's been a rebuilding decade, but I digress.

A Houston date would make a lot of people in this town happy, including the dudes at Black Dog Records, a local vinyl-centric record shop. I swear they have more Beatles memorabilia than I have ever seen since, well, I don't know when. I wouldn't mind marking you off my bucket list of all-time artists to see either.

You were last in Houston at Toyota Center in November 2005. I got caught in traffic around the arena and cursed your name once or twice, but I forgive you. To tell you the truth, and I hate to say it, but you aren't my favorite Beatle. That would be John Lennon, or George Harrison, depending on my mood. If I am feeling spiritual, I go for George, and if I am all emo and mushy, it's John.

Initially it was because I thought since you were the "cute one" and you smiled a lot that meant you were the most vanilla of the crew, but the more I dove into my Beatles studies in the '00s I concluded you weren't the enemy and that you did some kick-ass stuff.

That was just me being a contrarian asshole in my '20s. Now I can appreciate "Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey" and even tap my foot to "The World Tonight" if given the chance.

If you came to Houston, it would give my boss, Chris Gray, and I plenty to write about for at least a week before the show, which is always good. We could write about your best songs, albums, duets, and even pop-culture moments. Remember when you were on Saturday Night Live with Chris Farley? That was awesome! Or even that time you and Linda were on The Simpsons.

There is no shortage of things to do in Houston, either. There are veggie dogs and cool craft beers at Moon Tower Inn just a few blocks away from Minute Maid, and the fiancee would probably dig the Galleria and shopping out in River Oaks. Hell, if you feel like it, we could go drink at Grand Prize out in Montrose too that night.

They even have the Wingspan compilation in the jukebox. I think.

Sincerely, Craig Hlavaty

P.S. Please play "Ebony And Ivory" with Little Joe Washington onstage. It would rule so hard. If not, I am part Hispanic, which should count for something.

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