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Death to Pagination: The New HoustonPress.com is Coming

There's probably a lovely quote about the passage of time and how things change that we could start this blog off, but since the headline has already spoiled the surprise, let's cut to the chase: HoustonPress.com is getting a facelift.

What does this mean for you, dear reader?


2. A new responsive site design means you're not visiting different sites when you hit us up from your computer, phone, tablet, watch, glasses or refrigerator. The site will adjust to whatever you're using to give you a great experience.

3. It's easier than ever to find and see our slideshow and video content.

4 ...did we mention no more pagination? Just checking. Because pagination is dead. Dead dead. Paris Hilton's singing career dead.

So sit tight, read the stories we posted last night and wait for the future. We're really excited about this.

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