Delo, Propain, OG Ron C & More Usher In The Weekend

Welcome, welcome. Recently, we were reminded that the third installment of the Houston Press Underground Hip-Hop Awards is but a scant couple of weeks away. Yip, yip.

So, prepping for that, let's run through some music that maybe may have skipped past your ears. Let's go 4-3-2-1 style.

Four Videos:

Above, Delo lenses the dusty-mouth brilliance of "Ghetto Boy," which appeared on last year's Hood Politics Vol. 1. We've been on a bit of a crusade lately trying to coming up with some excellent nicknames for him. The best one so far: Delomite. But that doesn't feel like it's the one. More to come, for certain. Oooh, since we're here...

Propain continues to apply indirect pressure to Delo's Best Mixtape of the Year title by dangling his forthcoming tape, Dangerous Minds, in front of all of his Twitter followers. Above is his very good, very aggro version of "Otis." And here he spars with Z-Ro and Short Dawg on "H-Town."

Take FLOSS, John Dew, J. Austin and E. Dot, give them a microphone, then step the fuck back. They'll take care of the rest. (To rate their performances here: Dew > Floss > Austin = E. Dot.)

Rap-A-Lot's extra-guttery Fame Sity picked apart the "I'm On One" beat.

Three Songs:

Recently, Space City Records released a mixtape made up entirely by songs from artists in their stable; Kyle Hubbard's

"Better Slow Down"

is the best. Surprised? Perhaps you forgot that he earned himself an official Best Underground Hip-Hop nomination last year?

This is not to apply an excessive amount of pressure, because he is still very much in the earliest portion of his career, but KDOGG has something potentially luminous in his bones

All hail Mookie Jones.

Two Completely Unnecessary Anecdotes:

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1. Our sons are in this little basketball camp right now. They go every day from 9 a.m. to noon. Each day, we've gone to pick them up ten or so minutes early so we could sneak-watch them from outside through the gym window. It's super-neat to watch them exist as autonomous little boy-people, running and dribbling and doing something that might have been shooting. We just watched and watched and watched, and it made us very happy. Then we realized that, to passersby, at least, we were exhibiting very child predator-like behaviors. Damn it.

2. Did you know that if you go to the Walmart in Meyer Park anytime between midnight and 4 a.m., you can pretty much steal whatever you want? Like, if you can carry it reasonably easily, you can walk out with it. Is it supposed to be like that? It's not, right? Walmart is the best. Or the worst. Whatevs. Free shit: 12 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tax-Free Weekend is for suckers.

Ed. Note: As we have said many, many times before, Rocks Off does not endorse, condone or encourage any potential criminal behavior by our contributors.

One Mixtape You Have To Have:

The one tape that has (still) refused to give up its spot in the rotation: DJ OG Ron C and Candlestick's sweaty, blindingly good slow-mo of Frank Ocean's Ultra.

Off until Monday. See you then, sucka MCs.

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