Demolition Doll Rods, with Young Heart Attack

This bare-bones trio, featuring rambunctious sisters Margaret Doll Rod on ramblin' guitar and Christina Doll Rod on a skeletal upright drum kit, jettisoned the idea of an all-girl frontal attack for a secret cross-dressing weapon: singer-guitarist Danny Doll Rod. Danny, formerly of Detroit's infamous mayhem makers the Gories, with his knack for unabashed gender-bending, has raised eyebrows since the Dolls hit the road ten years ago. His thin face spattered with Maybelline, Danny joins the sisters as they storm stages wearing nothing but sweaty thongs and pasties made from dog biscuits, cat food lids, hub caps, plungers, tail lights, plastic dog poop, rubber eyeballs, eight-track tapes and little fluffy cars. Now, that's entertainment. While their young homies the White Stripes now soak up MTV crowds, Margaret Doll Rod remembers them when they were kiddies. "They studied us like most kids are supposed to study in school. I remember looking at them and having them watch our every single breath." So never mind the other Detroit bands: The Demolition Doll Rods make Jack White seem like a kindergartner.
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David Ensminger