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Desert Island Discs: Craig Wilkins of the Wheel Workers

From time to time, we ask local musicians for their Top 5 absolute desert-island discs, the records that made them the musicians they are today. This week: Craig Wilkins, the brilliant guitarist and synth-master general for The Wheel Workers.

NINE INCH NAILS, The Downward Spiral

Probably my favorite album from my favorite band of all time. To me, Nine Inch Nails sounds like Mozart if Mozart had lived in the time of modular synthesizers. Nobody on this planet can mix cold metal-machine noises with beautiful heart-wrenching melodies like Trent Reznor can.

And even though this album might house one of the most overplayed songs on alternative rock radio, it's the best damn overplayed song ever. Take that, "Don't Stop Believin'." Craig tip: Get a great system and turn it up as loud as it goes. Don't invite people over.

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