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Desert Island Discs: Mlee Marie Mains of Hearts of Animals

From time to time, we ask local musicians for their Top 5 absolute desert-island discs, the records that made them the musicians they are today. This week: Mlee Marie Mains, the heart of Hearts of Animals.

BIG AUDIO DYNAMITE, Tighten Up Vol. 88 The songs on this album are like nursery rhymes to me. It is quite possible that my parents spent more time singing (and dancing to) these songs around me than reading to me. Add to it the fact that Big Audio Dynamite was my second concert at the age of five, and upon meeting Mick Jones, he supposedly patted me on the head.

I've been told that at such a tender age, this is a pretty significant transference of energy, which fascinates me because I have always had a deep connection with his music. Don't get me wrong, I love the Clash, too, but Mick Jones has a subtle style that I identify more with than Joe Strummer (RIP).

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