Desert Island Discs: New Oceans of Slumber Vox Cammie Gilbert
Photo by Justyna Brewczyk

Desert Island Discs: New Oceans of Slumber Vox Cammie Gilbert

From time to time, we ask local musicians for their Top 5 absolute desert-island discs, the records that made them the musicians they are today. This week; Cammie Gilbert, the new vocalist for prog-metal heroes Oceans of Slumber.

Desert Island Discs: New Oceans of Slumber Vox Cammie Gilbert
Photo by Justyna Brewczyk

ETTA JAMES, At Last As the daughter of a local jazz musician, the classics were instilled in me at a very young age. I can recall humid Sunday afternoons listening to Etta James and helping my mother clean the house. I would busily follow behind her as she would use the broom as a mike and extend it to me to sing along.

Captured by Etta's strong voice and emotional dynamics, I took to heart her style and demeanor. [I] would say her classic way of singing has been one of my voice's strongest influences.

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SOUNDGARDEN, Superunknown I vividly remember when my older sister came to live with us from California. She was all things wild and teen angst and turned me on very quickly to the ways of rock. I was about 11 or 12, but eager to be in her world.

What a wonderful introduction Soundgarden's Superunknown proved to be into the heavier, more morose, emotional edges of music. We would play it on repeat. For me it was the beginning of loving loud, strong instrumentals, and getting a look into a world that would ultimately become one of my favorite genres of music.

PAIN OF SALVATION, Remedy Lane Executing a style and inflection I had only heard in much more subdued choir songs, I remember being absolutely blown away after hearing "Rope End" from Remedy Lane. I didn't understand at the time how the entire album played together, and was in for a completely mind-altering experience when I finally got my hands on the complete CD.

They had taken beautiful compelling vocals and coupled them with music that was as equally as dynamic. I thought, "Fuck yeah, this is the music I want to be about," and would say they are a very strong influence on my vocal style.

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ANATHEMA, Weather Systems As a newer influence, Anathema has captured my emotions and outlook of encompassing the epic, grander expansion of progressive music. I often lean towards smoother, more melodic vocals and Anathema's Weather Systems is a favorite go-to for something commanding and emotional. They have a sound I would describe as "universal"; it's played into my own outlook of music to create as well as enjoy daily.

OCEANS OF SLUMBER, Aetherial I was actually introduced to Oceans of Slumber as a fan first when an old band of mine was booked on a show with them at Walter's. I remember being in awe of their amazingly fast technical skills and powerful musical dynamics. It was like my style, influences, and interest had found a home.

Encompassing all the best parts of the music I loved, I was enthralled with their sound and execution. Aetherial became a staple in my music rotation and I was sold. Their previous work has been a fundamental introduction for me into the many subgenres of metal and progressive music. Truly an influence on where I am today.

Oceans of Slumber plays Friday, March 20 at Fitzgerald's with Carrion Sun and Green As Emerald. More with the band to come later this week.

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