Devin or Quincy Jones - Who's the Real Dude?

Quincy Jones (left) and Herbie Hancock

So I was wanting to cite some lyrics from Quincy Jones’s jam “The Dude,” and I hit up Yahoo’s much-vaunted database of lyrics. Somewhat to my surprise, the song was in there.

I clicked on the link and was astonished by what I found. Do you think this sounds like something Jones would sing?

“See he’s known for smokin’ skunk and gettin’ drunk without knowin’, he’s been through about 20 bitches and hoes and he’s probably fucked yours, but the dude don’t disrespect but then he takes no shit, but if your bitch is in his ride then she’s gettin’ some dick.”

And so on and so on.

Of course Quincy Jones never said anything like that. Yahoo has confused his song “The Dude” with the Devin the Dude’s jam of the same name from his 1998 self-titled album. And as all Devin fans know, he adopted “The Dude” as his persona from the Quincy Jones original.

"That song -- I thought there was a dude out there like that, a 'Bad Bad Leroy Brown'-type dude," Devin told me in 2005. "I was like, 'Who is this Dude? Don't fuck with him! He's got his shit together!' "

Devin also dug the album cover. (“The Dude” was the title track.) “It was like this African sculpture of a pygmy, and it said The Dude," he said. "And I was like 'Waaaiiiit a minute. This ain't no dude! This ain't the dude I was looking for!' I thought of him as this big muscle-bound dude with all these bitches around and money and shit.

"And then I realized it was talking about Quincy Jones -- he was the Dude...It was just based upon a song, and the music was so powerful that the Dude is music in essence. That's what it's all about, what you bring to the studio. When it's done people all around the world can vibe to it and wonder about it."

Just as you can wonder about how Yahoo Music could confuse these two jams. – John Nova Lomax

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