Devin the Dude Is Here to Satisfy You...and That's It

Hello. It's Friday. And Devin the Dude is alive. So let's celebrate.

This is "You'll Be Satisfied," the first single from his upcoming EP, Seriously Trippin. It just came out. There are no tricks here and there are no gimmicks here. It is simply a traditionally Devin track, which is just about the best thing it could be: ultra-mellow, unconcerned and beyond cool in its I'm-gonna-dick-you-downdom*.

*Note: In one of Devin's greater feats, he manages to make the line "I'm gonna get you, gonna stick it in you" sound nothing like the threat that it would be coming out of anyone else's mouth.

Devin's case is a particularly interesting one. Contrary to rap's prototypical ageism, his charm has only become magnified as he's grown older (he's somewhere around 84 by now, gots to be), his lyrical lethargy crystallized into an unquestionable apotheosis.

Within the "Weed As The Mechanism Within A Grander Metaphor But Sometimes Nothing More Than An Ode To Itself" strand of rap (which you might or might not find to be surprisingly populated, depending on how you were raised), there is no one greater.

So download the song. Play it as you float into the weekend. And give everyone a high-five on your way.

Do nice things and say nice things.

Life's not that hard, guys. At least, it isn't for Devin. And that's all anyone will ever really need anyway.

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Shea Serrano