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Devo And The 16 Other Best Bands In Uniform

Devo hits Warehouse Live on March 25, the band's first Houston date since a 2006 appearance with the Psychedelic Furs - who, coincidentally enough, are also coming to Warehouse (April 23) to do all of 1981's Talk Talk Talk ("Pretty In Pink," "Into You Like a Train"), plus "Love My Way" and all the other favorites - and When In Rome at Reliant Arena.

The closest Devo has gotten to Houston since then was at SXSW in 2009 (above); the group canceled its scheduled performance at Fun Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin last November after Bob Mothersbaugh cut his hand days before the show.

The extremely influential band had a run of LPs in the late '70s to early '80s of albums that are still adored and revered for helping usher in a previously unheard-of pop sensibility. Devo's expert mix of punk rock, electronics, and wry social commentary would taint millions of teens for years to come.

No doubt before the band hits town in March we will be shoving even more gigabytes of Devo knowledge down your throats, so for now we will refrain from telling you how we wore out our Freedom of Choice cassette in freshmen and sophomore year of high school. For now, if you were at Devo's Houston gig that was busted by HPD in 1982 or so, or know someone who was, we'd sure like to hear about it.

Besides us geeks who use "spud boy" as a derogatory term, the band is probably known best for the "Whip It" video and the band's flowerpot hats in the video. Devo has worn matching uniforms onstage since the beginning, which harkens back to their faceless, workmanlike-view of music inherited from spiritual forebears Kraftwerk.

Here's a list of other bands that have donned matching outfits to get their point across, sell merch, or just scare the ever-loving shit out of square parents.

Devo: Jumpsuits, the hats, the blank stares, there was some nerdy magic in Devo that separated them from everyone else.

The Hives

Since we first met the band in 1999, all they have worn has been black and white. Either sailor suits, teddy-boy style get-ups, or classy work-wear.


The Demon, Starchild, Space Ace, The Cat Man, Goose, Maverick, Iceman... we love them all. Rodeo tickets going fast.


The most impressive thing about our guilty pleasure Slipknot is how well they can still rock and see their instruments with those masks strapped on. More than a decade of practice will do that.


Sort of the poor man's Slipknot, Mushroomhead's masks aren't nearly as iconic in the metal scene as the Clown or Pig.


We could slag Mudvayne, but they really put intricate detail in their costumes, and had storylines, which we can always get behind. The music was a little one-note, but that's wasn't the point. They stopped costuming in 2003.

The Residents

Huge eyeballs for heads and dapper ballroom suits is all this band has needed for 40 years now.

Daft Punk

Two robotic helmets. We are willing to bet they are the reason that Tron: Legacy even exists.

The Monks

The Monks all cut friar tonsures onto the tops of their heads and wore ropes around their necks, and this was in the '60s.

The Count Five

Dude, these guys wore capes.


The Aquabats are supposed to be superheroes, but they really look like drunk 1920s football players with haughty fashion designers. Travis Barker of blink-182 was in the band and donned their gear before he joined the pop-punk trio.

The Village People

If Rocks Off could be anyone in the Village People, we would be the leather dude. Screw you for judging.

Blue Man Group

The BMG is all well and good until you have a dream they come in your house and kill your parents with shotguns and those blank faces. Yes, we have seen Arrested Development.


Remember when GWAR was in Empire Records? Also, remember how you could see Liv Tyler almost naked? Or Renee Zellweger in that orange smock? Oh, this is about uniforms on bands though.

Hollywood Undead



If you blinked in 2006, you probably missed Lordi, the Finnish GWAR, or something. Hard to explain. You have Google, right?


Rocks Off is down with the Dark Carnival. But you already knew that.

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