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Devo And The 16 Other Best Bands In Uniform

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No doubt before the band hits town in March we will be shoving even more gigabytes of Devo knowledge down your throats, so for now we will refrain from telling you how we wore out our Freedom of Choice cassette in freshmen and sophomore year of high school. For now, if you were at Devo's Houston gig that was busted by HPD in 1982 or so, or know someone who was, we'd sure like to hear about it.

Besides us geeks who use "spud boy" as a derogatory term, the band is probably known best for the "Whip It" video and the band's flowerpot hats in the video. Devo has worn matching uniforms onstage since the beginning, which harkens back to their faceless, workmanlike-view of music inherited from spiritual forebears Kraftwerk.

Here's a list of other bands that have donned matching outfits to get their point across, sell merch, or just scare the ever-loving shit out of square parents.

Devo: Jumpsuits, the hats, the blank stares, there was some nerdy magic in Devo that separated them from everyone else.

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