Dig This Vol. V: With Hollywood Floss & Born Again Virgins

The current volume of local music is staggering. New Houston bands are born daily, and all too often pass away just as quickly. Rocks Off wants to help you (and ourselves) keep up.

Dig This is back with another handful of local acts for your perusal. On the table today are musical innovators, one-man wonders, power-packed pounders, and more. Don't be left in the dust when some carpet-bagging Yankee asks what Houston has to offer. Be ready to treat them to some of Houston's diverse musical lineup. We've done the hard work, just dig in already.

Time: Chris Ryan's been involved with plenty of bands here in town, whether that means playing in them or simply recording them (or being engaged to another local rockstar, bassist Melissa Lonchambon). Sometimes we picture him diving into a vault of sounds, à la Scrooge McDuck. Well, somewhere in there Chris found the time to make Time, his psychedelic solo project. We've heard rumors of a potential live show, and possibly a physical release. Until then, grab the album off Bandcamp.

Wayside Drive: This is a ridiculously inventive rock project that's been around for several years now. Consisting of married couple Natalie and Jeremy Osborn and drummer Kevin Robinson, they've released a slew of singles, bringing together indie, electronica, rock, and world music.

Jeremy's endeavors even prodded them to create what they dubbed "palinphonic" music -- a song that sounds the same forward and backward. After undergoing a hiatus while the Osborns adjusted to having a baby in the home, the band finally resumed playing live shows, taking the stage at Fitzgerald's last week.

Other Sites: Facebook, MySpace, Reverbnation, Twitter

Born Again Virgins: This quartet plays loud, swampy rock that'll rot your guts faster than moonshine. The recipe for it looks something like this: throw together some thundering drums and booming bass riffs behind catchy guitar work and the quintessential rocker vocals. Then remove all traces of hackeneyed, radio-centric pitfalls, and voilà: all that's left is something to send drivers thundering down the open road.

Other Sites: MySpace, Reverbnation, Twitter

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  • Thursday, Oct. 24, 2019 / 7:00pm @ House Of Blues - Houston 1204 Caroline St Houston TX 77002
    1204 Caroline St, Houston TX 77002

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Rapeworm: Dig This once chanced into seeing the terrorizing one-man shredstorm known as Rapeworm at a Sound Exchange in-store. We watched awestruck as he created noisy punk rock over looped beats, armed with a guitar and an array of pedals. Then he opened his mouth in acute shyness and seemingly apologized for being rusty with his new material. Catch Rapeworm on Saturday at Mango's, at the Cop Warmth release show.

Other Sites: Facebook, MySpace, Soundcloud

Hollywood Floss: One of Houston's hardest working underground rappers, it seems that the lyrically adept Hollywood Floss is featured on yet another music blog weekly, if not daily. A great ear for production paired with a good flow, and a bit of playfulness infect his rhymes. To top it off, he often performs with a live band, the Pinecones -- something we love to see rappers do. Grab his latest mixtape, One Fan At A Time, which dropped in late September, and then hit up his website to find the rest.

Other Sites: Facebook, MySpace, Sonicbids, Twitter, Vimeo, YouTube

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