Digital Endorsement: 10 Artists Who Will Gladly Mention Your Business On Twitter

As a culture it appears that we've stopped caring about the idea of selling out. Whether it's because we've learned that record sales don't always pay the bills, have started seeing artists as humans instead of paragons of creative integrity, or simply stopped caring, artists saddling up with corporate sponsors isn't a big deal anymore.

Now let's say that you, the person sitting there reading this, wanted to have a famous musician plug your product. How could you compete for their attention against corporations and their big bucks?

With Sponsored Tweets you don't have to. If you're willing to pony up the cash you can get some of the biggest names in music to talk about whatever it is you're trying to sell.

Don't believe me? Take a look at this list of people who would just love to pimp your product.

10. Diddy @iamdiddy -- call for pricing

Do you make a cheesecake that's worth walking across the city? Diddy may not be able to make Chopper and Ness fetch it for him but he can let his millions of followers know about it. It's not going to be cheap because, as we all know, if you have to call for pricing it's going to be mad expensive.

9. Jared Leto: @JaredLeto -- $13,000

Financing videos for 30 Seconds to Mars gets expensive so it only makes sense for Leto to find alternative revenue streams. Still, that's a steep price tag for a guy who doesn't even have a million followers. Things must be more expensive in the Outernet.

8. Rebecca Black: @MsRebeccaBlack -- $3,900

"Friday"? More like payday. Black, or perhaps more accurately her manager, have managed to spin the Manos of bad songs in to a potentially lucrative Twitter career. No word on if Patrice Wilson writes her tweets for her.

7. Kelis: @iamkelis -- $1,950

It's been a while since her milkshake did something or other, but you don't have to reply on delicious desserts alone when you have 290,000-plus Twitter followers.

6. Papa Roach: @paparoach -- $1,300

What does one advertise with Papa Roach? Suicide prevention? Domestic violence awareness? Dentistry? How much would it cost to get them to stop dressing like a third-rate Motley Crue?

5. Sister Hazel: @sisterhazel -- $650

To save you from having to look them up yourselves you can check out their one big song here. Back? Good. Friendly advice: if a band isn't popular enough to have a photo attached to their Wikipedia page don't give them money to pitch your product.

4. Chuck D: @MrChuckD -- $650

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I can't decide what's more confusing: the fact that you can pay money for Chuck D of Public Fucking Enemy to mention your products or the fact he only charges as much as the guys in Sister Fucking Hazel. The economics of Twitter are confusing.

3. DMX: @DMX -- $195

This feels like a steal. Who wouldn't want their product typed about in all caps and, if you're lucky, bookended with some barks? If nothing else, it would break the monotony of a Twitter feed that's mostly Instagram photos and links to videos.

2. The Fat Boys: @TheFatBoys -- $52

For less than cost of a new video game, you can sponsor the tweets of 2/3 of the trio that rapped with Freddy Krueger. With your help, we can keep the Fat Boys off the streets and away from the Gathering of Juggalos.

1. Eric Clapton: @EricPClapton -- $39

While I'm sure this is one of those things were Eric Clapton has a Twitter account that's run by someone he's never met in an office he's never seen I like to pretend that one of the greatest guitar players that ever lived spends his days posting links to YouTube videos of himself and occasionally plugging things. At $39 it might almost be worth it to see if he'll plug this very blog. Do we have room in the budget boss?

[We'll get back to you. -- ed]

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