Digitalia: Aquarium Drunkard

Special guest Drunkard Holden Rushing of Small Sounds

Named after a line in Wilco's "I Am Trying to Break Your Heart," L.A.-based music blog Aquarium Drunkard offers an eclectic mix of indie and classic rock, with a few dashes of country, soul and R&B thrown in for good measure. Launched in 2005, the blog's popularity has been steadily rising ever since it was named one of the best music blogs by both Rolling Stone and Yahoo! Music.

Founded by Justin Gage, Aquarium Drunkard gives the self-appointed tastemaker a chance to display his vast knowledge of music through a variety of topics like the work of '60s folk artists Jake Holmes or psychedelic rocker Arthur Lee. And through AD's recurring series, Off The Record, Gage offers readers an inside look at various local music scenes from a native's perspective. The most recent edition, as told by the Small Sounds' Holden Rushing, spotlights Houston. - Michael Arceneaux

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