Digitalia: Meet The Vinyl Villain

Some bloggers ignore the criticism leveled against them that they're the major culprit in the music industry's decline. Others bark back ferociously. JC over at

The Vinyl Villain

opts for the latter approach. In a recent post, he wrote: "Any of those dmca bastards that say bloggers are killing the art of buying music ought to have a look at my next bank statement." He then added, "I'm not looking for any plaudits or medals... simply a recognition that those fuckers who insist we are the enemy have got it very badly wrong." Can someone give him a round of applause? I mean, this shy guy is doing good work over there.

The Vinyl Villain offers a nice mix of sounds and old and new. It's a great place to find B-sides from LPs dating back all the way to 1971, including late-'70s/early-'80s British rockers the Jam and contemporaries like The Fall and Squeeze. Bands of this decade are also featured including England's Young Knives and Scots Sons and Daughters, among others. In between the variety of music, JC offers helpful synopses on the history behind much of the music he posts. It's clear he's an avid music lover who's only looking to incite that same level of appreciation he shares for music in others. But if you still think JC is out to rip-off the music business, here's a prompt found on the right side of the page: "All the MP3s posted on the site are there to encourage listeners to enjoy and then rush out and buy the songs direct from the artist, by mail order or from a decent record shop near their house." Sounds like he's made himself clear.

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