Digitalia: Rocks Off Has New Twitter Account, Email Address

Rocks Off is what a good friend likes to call "last caveman to the fire," meaning whenever some form of new technology comes along, he procrastinates as long as possible before embracing it. However, once he does come around, it's with guns blazing - for example, he's a texting fiend (especially after a few drinks) and has finally just about mastered this whole cameraphone thing.

So even though he has no idea exactly what it is or what real purpose it serves besides one more online distraction at work - and trust him, there's already plenty of those - he has taken the advice of several friends, colleagues and acquaintances and set up a Twitter account at If you're so inclined, please click and sign up to "follow" him, whatever that means. Maybe you can help explain why this seems to be so important these days.

To help things run smoother, Rocks Off has also set up a brand-new blog-only email address at Please send posters/flyers, news tips, MP3s, show announcements and anything else you think may help us keep Houston up to speed with what's going on musically. See you on the Interweb!

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