Digitalia: Sir Shambling's Deep Soul Heaven

Do you find yourself listening to the radio and suddenly envying the deaf? Do you long for the days when people had no idea what AutoTune was and sang in a way that didn't remind you of R2D2? Do you miss R&B and soul music that actually sounds like R&B and soul music?

If so, an older fellow by the name of Sir Shambling has some classic gems on his site for you. Self-described as a man with a passion for most forms of black music, the good Sir has amassed a record collection of around 25,000 items - including many rare 45s he's since converted into MP3s for our listening pleasure over at his site, Deep Soul Heaven.

If you're one for recommendations, check out Little Anthony's "You're My One and Only" (he's from Dallas, and not the singer from 1960s teen smashes Little Anthony & the Imperials) Elijah and the Ebonies' "I Confess," and Sylvia Thomas' "So Will I." Did I know about any of these artists before penning this post? No (a little before my time), but if you're into learning about soul acts beyond the standard names, Deep Soul Heaven is worth a visit.

Go on and give it a try...the same seven pseudo-R&B tracks you were listening to an hour ago will still be playing on the radio by the time you turn it back on. - Michael Arceneaux

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.