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Discounted Woodlands Lawn Seats All Day

Until midnight tonight, the folks over at Live Nation are selling all lawn tickets to shows way out in the woody, mall-y expanses of the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion for just $24.99.

The concert conglomerate has been running deals on Hump Day for about the past month to alleviate all this economic stress that has been plaguing our land, and came under fire recently when it came out that - although they were slashing prices - all those pesky fees and taxes were still being levied on that pair of Rod Stewart tickets you scored for Mom.

Now those fees are dunzo, making that trek up to the Woodlands a little less of a drain on your individual cash flow. In its defense, Live Nation noted that artists who set their own prices, and Dave Matthews Band was the lone holdout, with the price of their tickets standing firm at $34.99. (They hit town back in May, and weren't too shabby; considering DMB plays for seven hours a night, an extra Hamilton for their jams isn't such a bad deal.)

Some of the shows left on the Cynthia Woods schedule include that Aerosmith and ZZ Top double bill on July 17. Aerosmith's Joe Perry announced recently that the band will be playing their 1976 album Rocks in its entirety that night; the Beantowners have been playing Toys in the Attic on other dates.

No word yet if Billy, Dusty, and Frank will be trotting out all of Eliminator or Tres Hombres for us hometowners. Sweet Baby Jesus, that would be awesome.

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Craig Hlavaty
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