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Displaced by Fire, Funnyman MC Reko Trill Says #BurnDownForWhat

It was a hot and humid Thursday afternoon last week when local MC Reko Trill left his apartment to grab a bite and pick up a few items in anticipation for the 4th of July weekend. A summer thunderstorm rolled through that evening, dropping rain and booms of lightning all over the Houston area.

One such lightning bolt touched down at La Mirage Resort Apartments in West Houston, causing a 2-alarm fire. The Houston Fire Department responded with almost 100 firefighters, and fought the blaze for two hours. Thanks in part to Dennis Hood, the security guard at the complex, everyone was evacuated safely and the only injury was a firefighter's minor burns.

But 16 apartments were lost in the flames, among them was Trill's home. When he returned to the complex after running his errands, he was met by the chaos of sirens, fire and water hoses. Trill took to social media to let his friends know he was okay and to vent.

"Fuck me...this is my building," he wrote as he displayed a photo of HPD fighting the fire. He followed with "Everything I owned is gone" and "I'm alive...It was just stuff."

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And then, as is his nature, Trill began to make light of the situation. His timeline quickly filled up with jokes, all accompanied with the hashtag #BurnDownForWhat. Images of Trill photoshopped onto movie posters and all things fire related came streaming in. Offers of a place to crash and eat a hot meal came in by the hundreds.

"Man I liked that apartment. I shoulda put a ring on it." Reko told us on Tuesday night. "I'm so thankful for the overwhelming support of this city. I know it's my fight, but I'm glad Houston is in my corner on this. And I know it sounds crazy, but I'm glad it happened to me. I can find the humor in it."

The family of Elroy Boogie is offering up a new tank top for sale, with 100 percent of the proceeds to be donated to Trill. You can pre-order one here:

Reko's good friend Sarah Garcia also had this to say:

Recently, our good friend Reko Trill lost everything he owned in apartment fire that devasted his complex. His apartment and everything in it was consumed in the blaze.

We all know what amazing friend he is. Even this tragedy has not managed to damper his incredible personality and outlook. So this is our chance to help HIM. Let's pull together and help our good friend out. Every little bit helps and every dollar is important. Let's share this page and meet our goal to get Reko back on his feet!

The link to donate to the Reko relief fund is at this link. Also, Blood Bros. BBQ will be donating all the tips received next Saturday (July 19) to the recovery efforts. Trill would like to thank everyone who has already donated to aid in his recovery, and is honored that he has received this outpouring of love. Of course, he can't help but to make jokes.

"So if I spend all these donations on whiskey, midget strippers, and Now & Laters, y'all gonna be mad or nah?!"

Reko was supposed to move into his new place on Wednesday. "At least you don't have much stuff to move!", joked his friend Dulce Perez with a smile.



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