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DJ Fail: When Co-Opting a Culture Goes Wrong

Christmas has come early this year for those us who love a good bit of bad advertising. It appears that in an effort to prove just how "with it" they are, Smirnoff has released the above ad in hopes of proving that their nightlife is the best nightlife.

Other than, as my partner in crime explains to me, the girl's ill-fitting dress the obvious problem here is DJ Fail, as he's been dubbed, is spinning without having any records on his decks. That's not the only thing he's missing, but I would direct you to Chris Cox's takedown of the ad for a complete list of missing equipment.

But that's only a literal reading of the ad, and as I look at it more and more I find myself full of questions. But let's start with a basic one: What does this ad say about the Smirnoff Nightlife Experience?

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