Do Da Dip

1997, you are officially ten years old this year. And you have plenty to celebrate. You gave us the first blank CD-Rs and the song “Barbie Girl” by Aqua. You saw the untimely passing of Jeff Buckley and Biggie Smalls, making the world safe for ridiculous amounts of needless posthumous releases. On the plus side, you spawned Radiohead's OK Computer and Foo Fighters’ The Colour and the Shape (which just got Sony's 10th-anniversary reissue treatment). But you also heralded the return of awful European-style dance-pop. This was soon superseded by awful nu-metal, which then led to the rise of awful pop-punk. So it’s entirely your fault that Pete Wentz is a male pin-up and that the Spice Girls are back together. Plus, a girl dumped me at the junior high dance in 1997 while Savage Garden played in the background. Man, I hate you, 1997.

Hey, you guys remember how to do “Da Dip”? Me neither, but if you forgot, you can see the video after the jump. I know you like it, so don't try to fight it. -- Craig Hlavaty

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