Don Toliver Brings The Gang To Houston

Don Toliver at Spire nightclub.
Don Toliver at Spire nightclub. Photo by Jennifer Lake
Nightclub Spire’s notoriously long line to get inside was cut short on Wednesday night as rising Houston star, Don Toliver, touched down in his city of Houston.

As cars pulled up on the side of the street to ask what was happening, they were greeted with a “Sorry, Private party, invite only.” With his highly anticipated debut album, Heaven or Hell, on the verge of being released, the artist’s hometown fans gathered for a night of celebration and homecoming at the popular night club.
click to enlarge Fans at Don Toliver's album listening party, - PHOTO BY JENNIFER LAKE
Fans at Don Toliver's album listening party,
Photo by Jennifer Lake

Don is part of the Houston megastar, Travis Scott’s, newly formed record label, Cactus Jack Records. Signing notable acts like Sheck Was ("Mo Bamba") and the recently deceased Pop Smoke ("Dior Dior"), the Cactus Jack label revolves around a certain aesthetic that not many others can replicate.

Using his unique singing voice, Don breaks the wave of traditional R&B singers and moves his expertise to a more grungy, hip hop presence, that showcases his immense down to earth stature.

The bars were lined with pamphlets of special, customized drinks as the sparkling bottle service ladies made their way to the tables, the rest of the attending audience turned up to the tunes of Houston classics and some of Travis Scott’s most popular songs.

click to enlarge Special Heaven and Hell themed drinks provided by Candy Shack for Don Toliver's album release party. - PHOTO BY JENNIFER LAKE
Special Heaven and Hell themed drinks provided by Candy Shack for Don Toliver's album release party.
Photo by Jennifer Lake
By the time Don had arrived, the crowd had started a dance off that the artist quickly joined in on. Grabbing his closest friends and fans, Toliver, with arms over shoulders, danced with his newly affiliated family.
Not missing the chance to give his fans a performance, Don rapped over his newest songs as phones and cameras lit him up. With a big smile on his face, the artist continued to entertain the attendees.

click to enlarge Chase B in the DJ booth as Don Toliver dances with fans. - PHOTO BY JENNIFER LAKE
Chase B in the DJ booth as Don Toliver dances with fans.
Photo by Jennifer Lake
Don’s debut album, Heaven or Hell, releases this Friday, March 13, after a long anticipated wait. While the songs were blasted over an over-amplified sound system, the crowd didn’t seem to care. The vibe of the airy trap songs kept the carefree audience in motion through what went from a private listening party, into an all-out club bash.

Cactus Jack DJ, Chase B, and artist Don Toliver, set an unprecedented amount of hype behind the release of his upcoming album Heaven or Hell and let his most loyal fans get a first listen.
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