Don't Bring Your iPad or Tablet to a Woodlands Pavilion Show

Here comes some venue news that most everybody will be able to get behind this coming summer concert season.

While updating the Houston Press's online concert calendar with new listings for the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion, I discovered that the venue now bans the use of iPads and other tablet devices at all of its events. In fact, it has been doing so since last summer.

So saith the venue's Web site:

Tablets, such as iPads and Kindles, are not permitted in the venue because they are a distraction to other guests and the artists.

Courtney Galle, the CWMP's marketing and PR manager, says that it is not Live Nation's but the venue's rule. On top of that, such devices are distracting for everyone including the artists, and more distracting than a simple smart phone.

The Pavilion hosts a variety of performing-arts events, such as performances by the Houston Symphony and various dance companies. These groups are usually bound by union rules that prohibit audiences from recording their performances, rules that the venue is fully backing.

Galle says the venue has no plans to ban cell phones themselves, but of course the artist or artists onstage can always do so. No artists have specifically requested that iPads and tablets be banished, she notes. Numerous complaints from fans that the devices were hindering their enjoyment of a show were the deciding factor.

Last year the venue created an Instagram account at @pavilion_tx, which Galle says should be updated during every CWMP show for fans to check out pictures of bands onstage.

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That and they are much bigger and ostentatious than a smartphone, and let's be honest, the pictures suck badly.

The venue will give you the option of putting the device back in your car, or checking it at the venue's information booth to claim it at the end of the event.

As always, Galle says to call the box office or check the Web site before coming to a show to see what will or will not be permitted. BuzzFest has the most stringent rules that she has seen, she adds.

BuzzFest XXX is set for Saturday, April 20, and the restrictions for that show are legion due to past transgressions of rowdy crowds.

Per the CWMP site:

Resale Concert Tickets

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  • Wednesday, Oct. 16, 2019 / 6:30pm @ House Of Blues - Houston 1204 Caroline St Houston TX 77002
    1204 Caroline St, Houston TX 77002

  • Wednesday, Oct. 16, 2019 / 7:00pm @ Jones Hall for the Performing Arts 615 Louisiana St Houston TX 77208
    615 Louisiana St, Houston TX 77208

  • Wednesday, Oct. 16, 2019 / 8:00pm @ Revention Music Center 520 Texas Ave. Houston TX 77002
    520 Texas Ave., Houston TX 77002

No blankets, tarps, towels or lawn chairs. No umbrellas. Lawn chairs will NOT be sold at this event. No flags or signs. No professional (detachable lens) cameras, video or audio recording devices.

No food or beverages. No bottles of any kind. No chains, spikes, mace, binoculars, or laser pointers. No weapons. No signs. No large bags or backpacks. Small purses are permitted.Tablets, such as iPads and Kindles, are not permitted in the venue because they are a distraction to other guests and the artists.


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