"DOPENESS": Much Love For Kyle Hubbard

Rocks Off is following our sister Houston Press blogs into the choppy waters of "Comment of the Day," choosing a comment or a handful of comments from the previous day we find especially enlightening, infuriating or just plain hilarious. We're glad our readers have opinions, whatever they are, about what we write, and encourage them to keep 'em coming.

For this morning's Comment of the Day, we'll scan the feedback for Kyle Hubbard's new EP Tomorrow In Retrospect, which Shea Serrano evaluated Thursday: "There are little to no weak points on here," he wrote. "Sirs and ma'ams, it is officially time to start taking Kyle Hubbard seriously.

Here's what the commenters, including many of Hubbard's brethren in Houston's underground rap scene, said:



Roosh Williams:

Hubbs is the man, and this is definitely his best project to date. No song rocks a crowd better than "I Don't Care" and "Chasing the Dream" is my f*cccking jam no bullsh*t.


yep, i've been jamming the entire EP, it's off the hook. loving it.


Houston... We have the answer

Kris Krunk:

Kyle is an amazing artist to work with and is one of the hardest working guys in town. He sounds as good live as he does on the EP too!

Brad Gilmore:

Kyle Hubbard is my favorite rapper right now. Line I relate to most, "I'm way too fucking broke just to spit it for the love of it, my stage name the same name acknowledge by the government, Waddup with it."

By the way, I dig the name drop. Hahaha.

Larry Sanders:

K-Hub's is a force to be reckoned with. He brings heart and power with every line he delivers. He has all the talent in the world, with a non-existent ego. This guy is all heart. All talent. "I Got Love" is absolutely on repeat.

Nasty Nique (Dirty-N-Nasty):

Hubbard is most def one of the illest. @Brad I love that line too about the government name. Humble and hungry cat ready to get don on any track but warning fellow MCs feature him on a track and he will "Renagade" you like EM did to Jay...trust me I know...DOPENESS

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