Do's and Don'ts For Rock Baby Rock It's Lucky No. 13

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It's time again to shine up the saddle shoes and hose down the hot rods for Rock Baby Rock It's lucky No. 13, brought to you by Houston's own hound dog Edgar "Big E" Salazar.

Party like it's 1955 where The Continental Club will boast enough pomade to grease down the dance floor for a three-night extravaganza of non-stop rockabilly that continues tonight and Saturday. Everything from well-versed DJs to barbecue and cheap beer will be on hand.

Outside, take in flaming hot-rod deluxes and Union, a self-billed Motorsickle and Art Show. There might even be enough pomade left over to slather up girls during the much-anticipated pinup contest.

Maximize the experience with a few Rock Baby Rock It do's and don'ts:

DO: Dress up like James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause or flaunt Teddyboy garb. For the ladies, think Bettie Page or Rosie the Riveter. Hipster threads are out.

DON'T: Wear anything that you couldn't order from a Sears catalog back when a six-pack of white T-shirts still cost $2 and a decent Tesico Del Ray guitar was less than $25.

DO: Fire up the lead sleds (pre-1965 only). One of the signature attractions of Rock Baby Rock It is the Saturday car show. If Fonzie wouldn't drive it, neither should you.

DON'T: Show up in a Prius. Big ass gas-guzzlers are the car of choice; the only thing bigger should be your pompadour.

DO: Remember your grandpa's record collection. So-Cal rockabilly stalwarts Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys and Dallas-based big bopper Mack Stevens get into the swing of things tonight, so polish up your dancin' boots.

Saturday, the legendary Levi Dexter, Vicky Tafoya and the Big Beat, El Paso's Star Mountain, Corpus Christi's Matt Hole and His Hot Rod Gang, Houston's own Luxurious Panthers and the Octanes take over the limelight, followed by many more legends, some of whom might even qualify for the senior discount at a late-night Denny's. Your grandpa probably has the record to prove it.

DON'T: Expect modern tunes. This is music made for a big old slab-o-wax.

DO: Load up on the Pabst. Even if it does taste like piss water, at least it's made in the U.S. of A. When bad decision-making follows, you've had enough.

DON'T: Order imports. You might be called a communist sympathizer.

Rock Baby Rock It's lucky No.13 fires up at 9 p.m. tonight at the Continental Club, 3700 Main.

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