Double Trouble

Q& A with Lady Sovereign

Just in case you didn't get enough of rapper Lady Sovereign in this week's print edition of the Houston Press (Sovereign Ruler, Is the U.S. Ready for the S-O-V? by Geoff Cannon), here's a Q&A with her that covers a few more things.

It took us a while, but Lady Sovereign and I finally hooked up. After a month of e-mails and phone messages, delays and cancelations, we finally talked. Thank goddness! Here are the results. E'erbody get random!

Houston Press: "Love Me or Hate Me" became #1 on TRL a few weeks ago — a first for a British artist. Did you have any idea the song would be so huge? Lady Sovereign: Um, I don't know. I always want my music to do well, but I guess I didn't know it would do that well.

HP: You call yourself the biggest midget in the game. Do you have a fascination with little people? Lady Sovereign: No...I don't know. Short people are cute.

HP: Who is your favorite midget celebrity? Lady Sovereign: They're all bloody great!

HP: Why did you drop out of high school? Lady Sovereign: Well, mainly because of the school itself. My last year, the head of the school said 'you're not going to do well,' so I said, 'Fuck you!' and left. The way they said it just pissed me off.

HP: Were you a troublemaker in your neighborhood? Lady Sovereign: No. If anything, I was more annoying.

After the jump, find out what Lady Sovereign does behind closed doors ...

HP: You make all kinds of bodily function sounds in your songs — farts, burps, you name it. If you're in a room full of people, and you have to fart, do you let it rip?

Lady Sovereign: (Laughs) I burp in front of people, but farting happens behind closed doors.

HP: Is there anyone you would fart in front of? Lady Sovereign: My family, I don't know. I might let one out secretly.

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HP: Most Brits are obsessed with the anything that has to do with the royal family. Are you? Lady Sovereign: No, I don't give a shit. The only one I like is the ginger one, Prince Harry.

HP: Who's sexier: William, or Harry? Lady Sovereign: Prince Harry. He seems like he's breaking away from that posh society.

HP: If either one of them asked you out on a date, how would you respond? Lady Sovereign: I wouldn't go there. He wouldn't approach me. Ever! Ever!

HP: Brits also love their tabloid papers. What is something you've done in the past that if you did it today, would land you on the front page of The Sun? Lady Sovereign: Oh, plenty of things! I was in the tabloids recently for flashing my breasts.

HP: They got a picture of you? Lady Sovereign: I was onstage and in the song, I flipped up my shirt. They got me that time!

HP: Were you parents proud? Lady Sovereign: My mum and I saw it and we were just laughing.

HP: Do you ever wear a grill?

Lady Sovereign: I wore 'em once. They kind of hurt my mouth.

HP: Which do you prefer: Tea or coffee? Lady Sovereign: I don't drink either one of 'em.

HP: Scones or doughnuts? Lady Sovereign: Doughnuts.

HP: Fish and Chips or a big juicy burger? Lady Sovereign: Fish and Chips, I'm not just saying that because I'm British.

HP: Beyonce, Pink, Fergie, Christina Aguilera, and you are all in the TRL top ten. If y'all were put into a caged-steel ring, and forced to fight one another, who would get knocked-out first? Lady Sovereign: I could say Pink would be the last. She would beat everyone up. Frankly, I'd probably get squashed.

HP: Who would you throw your first punches at? Lady Sovereign: Fergie.

HP: That was very matter-of-fact. Do you not like her? Lady Sovereign: I don't know what she is.

HP: Fergie's not even British, or even a good rapper, and here she is singing about the London Bridge. What does she know about London? Lady Sovereign: Well something apparently, but she's not even talking about London in the song. She's telling us something, but I don't know what. -- Travis Ritter

Lady Sovereign performs Friday, November 24, at the Meridian, 1503 Chartres. Call 713-225-1717 for more info.

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