Down Leads a Southern-Metal Feast at Warehouse Live

Down, Orange Goblin, Marzi Montazeri Warehouse Live December 21, 2014

Regardless of age, sometimes fatigue can simply get you. It appeared to take hold of Phil Anselmo Sunday night, when his sludge-metal supergroup Down closed out the three-day End of the World Fest III at Warehouse Live. Band members from other Southern-metal groups Eyehategod, Honky, Corrosion of Conformity, Pantera and Crowbar plowed through one dozen songs from Down's catalog lasting nearly two hours.

Before "Eyes of the South" got into a full groove, Anselmo walked to the side of the stage where a large group of people were standing and gave Marzi Montazeri, Houston favorite and his bandmate from the Illegals, a huge hug.

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