Drain You: The 10 Most Expensive Nirvana Items On eBay

Today officially marks 20 years, yes two decades, since Nirvana's Nevermind hit stores and started a whole new movement in music, er, well at least brought one further above ground. The past month the music world has been awash in articles and blogs about Nevermind, with the three living architects, drummer Dave Grohl, bassist Krist Novoselic, and producer Butch Vig looking back on the album they made in 1991.

Obviously it's an emotional time for all involved. Main man Kurt Cobain has been dead more than 17 years now, and is thus unable to reflect on the album. That only seems to stoke the fires of obsession for Nirvana devotees, though. We remember in 1991, 20 years after the death of Jim Morrison, the massive swell of Doors love that flooded pop culture.

Anytime emotions are high, and the wistfulness is off the charts, you can expect people to want to express their love through the majesty of their bank accounts and credit cards. Yes, Nirvana memorabilia prices are at what we see as an all-time high, with people selling their collectibles on eBay at inflated prices, that just might get a few nibbles from fans willing to shell out tens of thousands for a piece of rock history.

Today we did a quick eBay search for the most expensive Nirvana/Cobain swag you can find. If you have a few hundred grand you could have a decent collection in your house. For someone who was only famous for three years*, Cobain sure did like signing things, or so it seems.

If you are in the market for expensive white label test pressings, never worn shirts, or signed photos, you can probably stock up right about now. Care for a Nevermind shirt that costs as much as one month's rent for a small Montrose apartment? How about a loft in the Heights, before bills? This Family Guy sketch of Cobain looks fun though.

*Because we would never pawn family heirlooms for a George Strait guitar or some shit, right?

Nirvana Tour T-Shirt

Asking Price: $1,500

Kurt Cobain/William S. Burroughs Nirvana 10" test pressing

Asking Price: $3,999.99

Nevermind Promotional Plastic Bag

Asking Price: $4,800

Mega Rare Nirvana CD Collection Promos, Signed by Kurt

Asking Price: $7,999

Mega Rare Nirvana LP Collection Promos, signed by band

Asking Price: $7,999

Israeli "Pennyroyal Tea" Promo Disc

Asking Price: $8,399

"Sliver" Sub Pop 7" test pressing

Asking Price: $9,999.99

Kurt Cobain & Dave Grohl Signed LP and Sketch

Asking Price: $10,000

80+-piece Nirvana concert poster/flyer collection

Asking Price: $99,999.99

Kurt Cobain's smashed guitar from 1989 Nirvana concert

Asking Price: $150,000

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