Drake, the last time he was in the Houston area.
Drake, the last time he was in the Houston area.
Photo by Violeta Alvarez

Drake Drops May 17 Arena Theatre Date

Let us, for a moment, put our dreams of a Drake and Kanye album away for a moment; here in Houston we have bigger Drake news to deal with.

Out of nowhere, much like his new mixtape, comes news that Drake is hitting the circular stage at the Arena Theatre, and tickets are onsale...now?

Happy Friday, Houston!

REWIND: Drake's Surprise Album Raises His Game Further Still

This would mark Drizzy's first solo show in Houston since Houston Appreciation Weekend and his super-intimate show over at Warehouse Live. Between then and now was the massive shindig up in The Woodlands with his mentor, buddy and fellow member of the "We're Not Happy With Cash Money Records Club" Lil' Wayne.

Is Houston Appreciation Weekend coming early this year? Will Houston ever get its own "[time] in [city]" track from the man who considers this one of his second homes?

Also, are you ready to pony up at least $124.50 per ticket (if there are even any still available)? Will the Arena Theatre stage spin? And seriously, a Drake x Kanye album?

Good luck getting your tickets, everyone. (Tip: The presale code is OVO.)

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