Drenched In Blog: ACL in Photos, Take Two

I wanna take this time out to thank all the pretty young ladies who have graced us with their scantily-clad skinalicious exploits during this sweltering weekend. You women are truly the linchpin to this weekend. For every bikini-top, Jackie-O sunglasses, terry-cloth shorted Jezebel; I salute you and your Texas breeding.

Somewhere Daniel Johnston is smoking cigarettes and watching cartoons, while this banner sits in the middle of a festival filled with thousands of sweaty drunk dudes. Three cheers for irony.



This bloke from the Arctic Monkeys was meaning to put the mockers on us for nicking this pap photo of ‘em eating an iced. It’s a pisser, innit?

“Hey all you frat boys! You just bought me a new car. Thanks for buying that sixth copy of Legend, white devils!”

-- Craig Hlavaty

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